Cara Geiger’s Project: Currently, I am interning at the State Climate Office of North Carolina. I am studying the sensitivity of livestock heat stress to climate change and variability. Specifically, I am focusing on dairy cattle and how lactation, fertility, and reproduction are affected. Outside of school and work, I enjoy hiking, going to the beach, and exploring the sights of North Carolina! In the future, I am interested in studying long term trends of climate variability and weather impacts.

Christian Erickson’s Project: I am completing my internship at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences in downtown Raleigh NC. I am working in the visual investigate lab to produce an interactive presentation exhibit on invasive species and climate change. The particular species of focus is the Lionfish, but I plan to add more to the presentation as time allows.

Eric Wright’s Project: I am investigating the sensitivity of blackberry production to climate variability in collaboration with the State Climate Office of North Carolina. Understanding how climate variability affects maturity dates of blackberries can help blackberry producers in North Carolina manage production risks, optimize yields, and coordinate delivery of products to fresh markets.